Hi, there! I lead Seeker Health, a digital health company innovating the way that biopharmaceutical companies enroll clinical trials for new treatments for diseases.

I am fascinated by the process of building a company, the body - in sickness and in health, mindfulness, resilience, the inner workings of supportive families and communities, and the implications of gender. I sometimes write about these topics, so click around for some juice. 

I was born in Uruguay and immigrated to Brooklyn, NY, with my parents and two younger brothers when I was 16 years old. That move shaped the rest of my life. 

In this digital space, I seek to integrate myself - the Type A, the creative, the spiritual, the human. It feels a bit vulnerable to let you, the corporate types who relate to my Type A ways, see my mindful, spiritual and connective side, and here it is. And it feels a bit vulnerable as well to let you, the spiritual ones, see my Type A side, and here it is. I am all this. I am this.